Adeptik Technologies

Adeptik uses cutting-edge approaches and technologies to create and implement our own software products.

Thus, it allows us to solve complex tasks that were previously considered resolvable only by involving experienced and highly qualified specialists and managers. Moreover, our systems are more effective and substantially faster in finding solutions than human beings.

Domain Area Analysis and Ontological Modeling

Most of our clients are ambitious and large companies — they are experts and leaders in the industry. As a product and solution provider we intent to structure and shape our clients’ expertise as models available for humans and at the same time suitable for coding. To implement these tasks Adeptik built its own toolkit, engaged and trained analysts who are able to get to the point in the most complex domain areas. Key positions in the Company are held by the employees with PhD in economics and engineering sciences.

How do we work?


Visit the enterprise to get acquainted and conduct in-depth interviews.


Develop a model of needs.


Create workflow models.


Prepare ontological models.


Make survey reports and preliminary design.


Develop a proof of concept.

Effective Mathematical Optimization Methods

On the one hand, the main purpose of our systems is to make business operations more flexible and efficient due to automation of planning and scheduling processes.

On the other hand, this is one of the most complex tasks in mathematics.

There are entire sub-disciplines aimed to find solutions for optimal and effective planning — such as mathematic programming, theory of scheduling, evolutionary computation, and multi-agent systems.

Nevertheless, in general this problem is not solved — complexity of computations makes it impossible to create a universal solver capable to produce a solution in any acceptable time interval.

Therefore, each specific case requires selection of a solution approach and its consequent adjusting.

Adeptik provides a whole library of ready-made algorithms that are most commonly used in practice, as well as experts helping to select and apply correct approach to a particular domain area.

Range of our products and knowledge:

linear programming;

integer programming;

branch-and-bound method;

greedy heuristics and algorithms;

evolutionary computations;

swarm algorithms;

multi-agent computations.

Distributed Computations

One of the key challenges in optimal planning and scheduling solutions is the lead time of its generation. Sometimes response time (directly depends on the plan generation lead time) is even more important than resources saving issues. Complexity of computations for optimal and effective planning often makes it impossible to generate the plan quickly. Previously this problem was solved by involving more planners. Entire departments — planning or dispatching — were created for this purpose. Automated planning requires larger computational powers (processors, RAM, computers).

Adeptik has built its own infrastructure of distributed computations, where it applied open source products developed by partners — e.g. GridGain Apache Ignite.

Adeptik Infrastructure Features:

creation of computing agents to solve optimization issues jointly;

orchestration of computations;

data exchange between agents and information systems;

shared memory usage for computing on multiple sites;

computations support for PCs and mobile devices.

Service and Microservice Architectures

Along with proper analysis and suitable selection of approaches to optimal and effective planning solutions, technically competent implementation of the system is also very important.

This allows you to be confident in the system performance, easily integrate it with the existing IT infrastructure of the enterprise, scale the solution, and ensure business continuity.

Adeptik solutions are based on understanding, consideration and management of actual development methods concerning software architecture on physical and logical layers.

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