How to fulfill orders on time and optimally load resources?
How to have information about the situation at work at any time?
SNARYAD | APS a modern domestic solution for operational production planning

What industries do we work with

Circulation products

Advanced Production Scheduling System
Manufacturing Execution System for production planning and intrashop operations scheduling

Our Technologies

Adeptik developed a modular software platform allowing to create smart systems intended for operational planning and management of production, service and logistics. Using Artificial Intelligence technologies Adeptik develops business applications based on this platform. Adeptik platform-based systems help to improve transparency of the business processes, keep detailed accounting, and distribute all works and resources (inventory and human) in an optimal way.


They work with us

About company

Adeptik makes business efficient using modern mathematics and information technologies.

Adeptik is a Russian IT company founded in 2010.

Competency area — development and implementation of Artificial Intellect-based information systems for the effective planning of business activities. Planning is one of the most difficult tasks in advanced business management.

Among Adeptik's clients there are medium-sized and large-sized Russian companies operating in challenging and complex service, logistics and production processes. We also provide a range of services for CIS and South-West Europe companies.

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