Snaryad | MES

Manufacturing Execution System class solution

Manufacturing Execution System for production planning and intrashop operations scheduling

Production Planning Issues

Frequent delays in order completion

Planning is time-consuming and requires a lot of human resources

Equipment downtime, imperfect use of resources

Excessive scope of pending product

SNARYAD | MES is a modern production process management solution based on artificial intelligence technology

1С:ERP System Enhancement

SNARYAD | MES is an enhancement solution to 1С:ERP system. Its basic functionality provides the following features:


quick development and reconstruction of production schedules including a large number of planning units (development and optimization of schedules designed for several tens of thousands of production operations is performed within few minutes);


advanced visualization of the schedule as an interactive Gantt chart with separate viewing modes for work-centre loads or production stages, showing scheduled and actual performance, as well as indication of challenging operations;


possibility for interactive manual correction of the schedule by dragging&dropping the operations within the chart; control of compliance with the process procedures during manual editing;


assignment of personnel shifts and work places within the shop, development, issuance and registration of daily shift tasks;


integration with Dispatcher Automated Information Data System for development shift and daily tasks, issuance of job tasks within the shop, monitoring status of operations and equipment.

MES for Russia

SNARYAD | MES is a domestic product that considers peculiarities of manufacturing process in the Russian Federation and has a total cost of ownership significantly lower than that of foreign analogues. Complete integration with 1C:ERP is compatible with reference data, orders, intrashop schedules, production records.

Decision making on a new level


SNARYAD | MES allows to plan production operations quickly and efficiently, optimize order processing cycle at the production site and improve order performance procedure.


SNARYAD | MES solution is based on contemporary mathematical algorithms that allow to develop a schedule for > 10,000 operations per 1 minute without personnel involvement.


The System allows you to develop an accurate and executable production schedule before operations and machinery start-up, thus enabling assessment of the actual resource loading for decision-making.


It helps to reduce order performance time, decrease non-manufacturing cost, shorten production cycle and increase equipment operation efficiency.


SNARYAD | MES allows to avoid errors in production scheduling and planning, significantly reduce scope of operating assets locked-up in manufacturing due to reduction of unfinished production volume.

Artificial intelligence technologies

Artificial Intelligence technologies applied in SNARYAD | MES solution help to combine productivity of the manufacturing schedule development with a high degree optimization and provide overall production efficiency growth as well.

The solution enables real-time adaptation of the production schedule to deviations (detection of a defect, unscheduled orders, equipment failure, operation delays) minimizing the loss of time and resources.

Two functional parts of the System

Snaryad MES

SNARYAD | MES includes two parts — office and server. Office part contains planner and operator work stations, that are implemented in 1C:Enterprise environment on the basis of 1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2 configuration.

Server part is designed to perform schedule calculations. Office part is connected to Adeptik multiagent computing service (i.e. the server part) that is deployed in the IT infrastructure of the company.

The service implements artificial intelligence methods to solve the issues concerning development and optimization of production schedules in real time.

How does the system look like?

SNARYAD | MES Efficiency

by 20%

Reduce production cycle and lead time by up to 20%

by 25%

Reduce scope of orders in process by up to 25%

by 15%

Increase total production capacity by 15%

by 30%

Increase equipment operation efficiency by 30%

by 60%

Reduce paperwork at shop floor by 60%

SNARYAD | MES finds its application in the following industries:

machine building;


metal working;

cable products;

fabricated rubber products;

electrical products;


other applications.

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