Snaryad | FSM

Field Service Management class solution

Field Service Management System enabling automatic scheduling

Production Planning Issues

No transparency in field service staff activities — field information may change and it will be seen only after the fieldwork completion

Necessity to generate daily work lists and manage scheduled maintenance manually, i.e. on paper

High cost of incident prevention — work planning is not optimal, replanning caused by emergency situations is time-consuming

Re-visits are required on request — incomplete information about the incident, lack of materials, tools, permits or qualification

Serious violations of routine work schedules — emergency incidents seriously violate the schedule of routine works and inspections due to the absence of a single planning tool

No operative interaction between the field and office personnel

SNARYAD | FSM is an innovative solution combining the best practices of the field service personnel management

System Basic Functions


Receive client’s requests, generate job tasks and schedule field service activities


Display activities and movements of the field service staff


Maintain reference table indicating facilities in service as well as operations history log for each facility


Creating schedules for routine customer service


Various analytical reports


Display work tasks together with indication of the work status and notes on completion


Reports on performed works with an option to specify consumption of materials and attach a photo of the results


Customer survey

Two functional parts of the System

The System includes two parts — office and mobile. Office part is a solution based on 1С: Small Enterprise Management 8. Mobile part is a smartphone application supporting operation in Google Android OS (it can also work offline, without Internet access).

Two functional parts of the System

Operator works in the office part of the system. He registers new requests (tasks), develops and adjusts work schedule. Driven by the system, registration of requests, work scheduling and completed work analysis goes faster and more efficient. Activity reports with time and location references are available for the operator.

The System stores personnel daily routes and records work completion time, thus increasing work process transparency. In case of any changes or force-majeure situations, the System helps the operator to reconfigure work schedule in a few minutes without violating SLA. To perform tasks the System automatically selects an employee with the required level of qualification.

Executor works in the mobile part of the System. He receives job tasks, performs works at the facility and notes work completion in smartphone application. Each job task contains information required for the work performance: time and place of execution, day list of scheduled activities, lists of tools and spare parts required for the work. The executor informs the operator about work progress through the status system, records the results in questionnaires or photos reports.

System Features

Asset & Incident

scheduled equipment maintenance management, setting priorities of the emergency incidents, possibility of integration with monitoring and technical record-keeping systems.

Workforce & Talent Management:

management of workforce, qualification, permits and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Service Level

service quality control distinguished by the equipment, customers, and service types.

Algorithms integration with the client’s software:

integration of algorithms with client Information Data Systems (1C: ERP 1C: Industrial Enterprise Management, SAP, TechnologiCS, etc.)

SNARYAD | FSM System Presentation

Decision making on a new level

Real-time monitoring of the entire working process — effective planning and control of the field activity (registration of requests and claims, job tasks generation and dispatching, work scheduling).

Monitoring of the field staff activities:

tracking status change;


visualization of the serviced facility and field staff location on the map;

movement history.

Multi-factor control of the work completeness and quality:

photo fixation;

completion of questionnaires and checklists;

automatic tracking of service level indicators;

work performance risk management.

Requests, tasks, field service schedules, travel routes, reports — all information is in electronic format and always at hand.

The office part of the System together with the smartphone application ensure the most efficient management and distribution of functions among the business process participants.

Detailed form for the request registration helps to get the most complete information about the incident, facility and client, while criteria for executor selection provide a suitable employee.

SNARYAD | FSM Efficiency

by 40%

Ensure up to 40% growth of the field staff productivity

by 4 times

Reduce request response time by 4 times

by 10 times

Increase the number of processed requests by up to 10 times without expansion of the operators staff

by 3 times

Reduce the number of re-visits by 3 times

SNARYAD | FSM is designed for field service management automation in:

service companies;

industrial companies;

state and social services;

logistic companies;

banks and other financial entities;

emergency response service;

housing and utility infrastructure and managing companies;

delivery services;

medical laboratories;

telecommunication companies;

other enterprises in order to increase resource utilization efficiency.

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