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How to decrease downtime costs by up to 25% due to transparency in the field service management?

Mobile TeleSystems Public Joint-Stock Company (MTS PJSC) is the leading telecommunications group in Russia and the CIS that provides a range of mobile and fixed-line communications-based services, such as Internet access, cable and satellite TV broadcasting, digital services and mobile applications, financial and e-commerce services, as well as convergent IT solutions on system integration, Internet of Things, monitoring, data processing and cloud computing in more than 200 cities throughout all federal districts of the Russian Federation.

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About the Company

Adeptik collaborated with MTS Service Department, which is responsible for the network trouble-free operation and quality.

Main resources of the department include infrastructure, equipment and information systems, and also people distributed throughout Russia. Network Operation Units include thousands of field personnel who keep complex telecommunication network up and running every day. Their task is to carry out maintenance and troubleshooting in timely manner.

Service Management Issues

No transparent accounting system for Technical Unit (TU) activities and staff workload

HR concerns on proper number of employees in TU departments based on reports from external consultants

Need to reduce operating costs

Insufficient level of digitalization. Network Control Centers require dynamic development, functional expansion and process automation

WFM Pilot Project

For six months (from January to June 2017) a joint Work Group consisting of MTS and Adeptik employees has been running a pilot Workforce Management (WFM) Project.

Project goal was test automated control system for task and field workforce management in a real production environment, as well as to obtain statistics for feasibility studies in case of a large-scale deployment of the WFM product.

SNARAYD | FSM was selected for pilot integration

Pilot project used the SNARNAD | FSM product and involved more than 150 MTS employees from Moscow, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and the Sverdlovsk Region. Among them were both field employees specializing in operation of mobile and fixed network operations, as well as employees from two network management centers who performed dispatch functions.


Work Group conducted a survey at Krasnodar Unified Network Management Centre and, based on its results, created IT architecture taking into account security policies and connections to MTS resources with further configuration of the integration interfaces.

Pilot Project Results

SNARYAD | FSM solution allowed to assess employment and efficiency of MTS service line technicians.

Experts calculated potentials of process optimization. The system allowed identifying time costs of 15 to 25% expressed in resource downtime.

MTS managed to reduce these costs by 7%, increase motivation of performers and improve employment rates by using the product in pilot mode for 3 months.

Standard values were determined for each type of work based on statistical analysis.

Artificial intelligence technologies

Control and management of the field staff operations implemented in SNARAYD | FSM system has proved that integration of modern WFM-based digital products into network operation and subscriber connection business-processes is not only a way to optimize company costs, but also a way to get closer to creating industry-specific Artificial Intelligence tools — a trend of XXI century.

Implementation of WFM system based on SNARYAD | FSM provided the following:

management process efficiency increased by up to 25% due to reducing the costs of resources downtime;

performers were disciplined to report current status upon order reception;

dispatcher and Foreman were able to monitor location of a performer and his current workload, as well as plan future tasks for him;

line Manager was able to analyze work results, compare them with mean statistical values, estimate executed scope of work, quality and speed of solution by the tasks types, and also specify standard time for each type of works.

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