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How to reduce production planning labour inputs by several times, improve significantly planning quality and increase efficiency of the equipment use?

MAGMA LLC is a unique machine building plant founded in 2001 that obtains its own design engineering department.

More than 500 specialists of the Plant produce tailored and customized equipment and details with different accuracy classes and sizes, weighing from several kilograms to 120 MT. The Plant's products are required in various industries — chemical, metallurgical, mining, sea and river ports management.


About the Company

MAGMA Plant produces customized equipment created under specific orders. Each product is designed individually. Often we develop unique specifications and process procedures.

Lead time — from three months to one year. Average number of processed orders — 150-200, that is about 100-150 thousand of operations. Per a month we schedule and perform about 15-20 thousand of operations.


Our production is based on a multi-degree technological process.


Finished product may include up to several hundreds of components.


Main production operations — metal working, assembly, welding and thermal treatment.


A dedicated full-time employee was assigned to carry out production planning at the Plant.

His role and functions included:

production capacity planning;

distribution of operations between the equipment;

analysis of the customer’s claims and issues.

Existing planning system had several deficiencies:

production capacity planning;

distribution of operations between the equipment;

analysis of the customer’s claims and issues.

Requirements to the solution system

The system shall perform end-to-end operational planning throughout the enterprise — from inventories& supplies to finished products — as well as simultaneous calculation of material requirements and production resource utilization.

Resource model takes into account a large number of manual operations — welding, assembly — that shall be scheduled with due consideration of personnel constraints.

Requirements to the solution system

The most important factors in determining a long-term plan are commercial goals:

execution of orders on time;

reduction of the lead time for customized orders and the whole portfolio;

supply of materials within the required time;

equipment load balancing.

SNARYAD solution

Since 2018 MAGMA plant management has been actively involved in searching for an automated planning system. Already in September 2019 the project for SNARYAD | APS system implementation was launched. Adeptik engineers developed data model of planning processes taking into account the enterprise production features and peculiarities. A two-level planning scheme was proposed.

Long-term planning subsystem

The first level includes a long-term planning subsystem. It is based on the extended model of production resources containing groups of interchangeable equipment and available resources.

The main result of the long-term planning subsystem is a production schedule balanced in terms of resources, capacity and material requirements for the entire product portfolio.

Operational planning subsystem

The second level includes an operational planning subsystem. Long-term plan horizon — 1 month, it is detailed considering particular equipment units and working teams. Here, a detailed operational production plan for the workshop is formed.

Schedule development is based on start/release dates for parts and assembly units set by a long-term plan. Planning is performed taking into account all technological limitations of the equipment.

The schedule is generated in such a way as to execute the top level plan in the most efficient way. Another important feature — the schedule can be reconfigured in no time. The schedule allows generation of the shift tasks.


SNARYAD | APS planning system is integrated into the existing system of record-keeping and production planning, thus enabling automated reception of the planning data updates.

The system allows the planner to detect issues in the order progress, determine their causes and provide possible remedy measures. For example, changes in work shifts, changes in order priorities or in material delivery dates.


SNARYAD integration effect

SNARYAD | APS integration helped to:

get an adequate overview of the production progress;

forecast production capacity utilization;

schedule works at production floor and related departments.

Both subsystems allow you to perform planning online:

the plan is developed on the basis of orders or their components;

orders maybe included/excluded from the plan;

the plan can be generated by different methods (by start date, by issue date, with/without limitations).

It shall be noted that Adeptik team has managed integration project in a completely remote way.

SNARYAD in other applications

In this case SNARYAD | APS solution has demonstrated its efficiency in machine building. With the same result, the system is applicable to other industries — instrumentation, metal working, cable products, fabricated rubber products, electrical products, pipes, etc.

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