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Kazan, Russia

How to enable tenfold growth within 3 years due to well-managed SLA follow-up control?

ICL Group was founded in 1991. Now its staff includes more than 3000 employees working in 7 Russian cities. ICL Services is global service centre — it operates in the field of IT services on the internal and international markets. There are 80 major players companies among its clients. Service area covers 30 countries including Russia and CIS members. According to IAOP it is one of the TOP 100 largest IT outsourcers in the world.

ICL Services

TMS in ICL Services

Service area covers 30 countries including Russia and CIS members
TMS in ICL Services

ICL Services technical maintenance and support (TMS) division caters for major HoReCa companies, hypermarket retail chains, manufacturing facilities.

ICL Services provides continuous operation of:

automated work stations with a field equipment;

Wi-Fi access points;

communication channels;

cash registering equipment;

service and network equipment.

ICL Services TMS provides the following services:

local and field service and maintenance;

IT equipment repair and support;

development and implementation of technical solutions;

managed print service (MPS);

spare and replacement inventory management.

Issue description

ICL Services TMS service department includes several hundreds of field engineers and operators in order to perform on-site repair and maintenance works.

Issue description

Operators receive and distribute requests, pass them on to the engineers as job tasks, and monitor execution terms.

Activities include scheduled inspections and urgent repairs.

Employees of the ICL Services TMS subdivision work under to the rules established in Service Level Agreement (SLA). According to the agreement there are fixed intervals for reply and troubleshooting, request response terms and other quality indicators for the provided services. Violation of SLA is subject to fines and penalties.

ICL Services TMS managers required a modern tool for effective service management. To keep it simple, it was necessary to find some ways to improve personnel productivity and increase scope of work without extending the staff, and that required transparency within work processes.

FSM system has been accepted for review

ICL Services decided to consider FSM system integration.

FSM system has been accepted for review

ICL Services has the following tasks concerning client service:

strictly comply with the requirements of the contract (SLA) within fixed price;

respond quickly to incoming requests;

close in time at least 95% of incoming requests.

Field service activities

FSM system shall help to increase "average number of requests per engineer working day"

Major retailers present one of the main client segments to ICL Services. They have similar structure and different requirements to the services provided. Given the variety of the requirements and the above tasks, it was necessary to arrange the field service as efficiently as possible:

all work teams shall cover both scheduled repair&maintenance and emergency operations;

it was required to reduce number of re-visits;

it was required to optimize management of spare parts and accessories;

it was required to a proper field service schedule.

Field service activities

At the same time, there shall be provided a possibility to modify and adapt the System and field activities to new customer requirements. FSM system shall help to increase "average number of requests per engineer working day" — an indicator of the field engineers efficiency.

Requirements to Field Service Management System

ICL Services had the following requirements to the System:

documentation for work performance procedures and conditions (to provide clients with confirmation of respond and troubleshooting terms);

ensure transparency of the field services for more efficient distribution of the working time (actual time of work, travel time, downtime, cost of spare parts and accessories);

ensure monitoring of the field service personnel in different geographic locations from a single center without increasing the staff of operators.


In 2018, ICL Services introduced the following information data system — SNARYAD | FSM (Field Service Management).

The System helped to:

process client’s request promptly;

generate job tasks and monitor work progress;

provide customer service management on the maximum quality level regardless of the requirements and SLA.

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volume of applications
As a result, ICL Services has received an excellent unified tool for the field service management and SLA control. In three years (by 2020) it has increased the volume of processed requests by 10 times.


Advantages of SNARYAD | FSM:

lower costs of licenses and technical support comparing to the Western analogues;

cost of licenses and services is estimated in Russian rubles, while in Western systems — in foreign currency, thus increasing the risk of cost growth;

possibility to integrate the system on the basis of 1C: Enterprise platform and make it more available;

high level of the Adeptik team communication in service operations — access to the demo stand was provided within four days;

safety factor — unlike the foreign companies that store all data on the cloud services abroad, Adeptik is a Russian company; data storage location is quite important particularly considering import substitution.

SNARYAD | FSM integration results

by 40%

productivity of the engineers by 40%

by 4 times

request response time is by 4 times

by 10 times

number of request by 10 times


99,5% of the requests comply with SLA

During the first 6 months of operation, we managed to close 4,495 requests in 2,150 store of the retailer, 99,5% of requests were fulfilled on time

The number of requests processed per one working day has doubled

Productivity of the field service engineers has increased by 40%

Request response time (before assignment of the engineer) has shorten by 4 times

With the previous number of operators volume of the processed requests has increased by 10 times

SNARYAD integration effect

The positive experience of working together allows me to recommend Adeptik as a vendor and a competent integrator of its IT solutions
D. Panfilov

D. Panfilov

Head of Service and Technical Support at ICL Services

ICL Services has received transparency over the work progress among all requests and a uniform data structure, that helps to continue improvement of the field service management efficiency:

service register;

repair history;

field Service Statistics;

personnel activity monitoring system with location and time references.

In 2020 ICL Services integrated automatic work distribution within the System, thus further decreasing operators load with routine operations and providing them time for more sophisticated and complicated activities.

During the period of SNARYAD | FSM operation Adeptik has successfully completed dozens of system improvements that expanded basic functionality significantly and timely adapted the System to changes in customer services.

SNARYAD in other applications

SNARYAD | FSM has demonstrated its efficiency in IT-outsourcing and is applicable to industries — logistics, transport management, internal service automation.

The System helps to develop work schedules automatically and performs it faster and more efficient than a person.

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